House of canons of Santa Maria de Vilabertran
A role-play

All year


House of canons of Santa Maria de Vilabertran

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The aim of the activity is to discover the Vilabertran house of canons and the social reality of the Middle Ages through a role-play that will make the pupils the heroes of the story. Each one will take a character, with a specific identity, and who is a member of a group or social class. Whether individually or as members of the group the pupils work together to achieve the final aim. The action takes place in June 1295. Five months later, the first day of November will be the wedding day of Blanche of Anjou and King James the Just. Over eight days thousands of people will make their way to the town to celebrate a marriage that put an end to a long drawn-out political conflict. In order to receive all those people and celebrate the wedding, however, everyone who lives in Vilabertran will have to cooperate and pass a series of tests.

All year

Educational level: Primary (10-12 years old)

Length: 2 h


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