Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex
General tour of the Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex

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Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex

€3 per person, free for children aged up to eight

This monument complex was home to three of the groups that were central to feudal society: those who prayed, in the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes; those who produced, in the village of Santa Creu; and those who waged war, in Verdera Castle.

The heart of the complex is the Monastery of Sant Pere, which became the most important monastery in the county of Empúries, as much because of the important role played by its abbots as because it was an important place of pilgrimage thanks to the relics kept within.

The most notable element of the complex is the monastery church which, because of its originality and age, is an outstanding example of the Catalan Romanesque. Built between the 10th and the 11th centuries to welcome pilgrims, it gives an idea of the former splendour of the monastery. The construction is remarkable for its loftiness, achieved thanks to its original system of pillars and coupled columns, and for the wealth of the decoration of the capitals and of the portal, the work of the Master of Cabestany, much of which has now been lost.

This guided tour of the monument provides an opportunity to discover a period of history, to learn about how monks lived, and to appreciate, among other aspects, the Romanesque art present in its architecture, sculpture and painting.

All year

Duration: 1 h

Charge: €3 per person, free for children aged up to eight (does not include admission to the monument)

Dates: by prior booking

Type of activity: guided tour


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