Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex
Romanesque painting

All year


Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex

81 € / group

Through a visit that leads them to the Romanesque pictorial remains of Sant Pere de Rodes the group will find out about the techniques and pictorial materials used in the Middle Ages, as well as the importance of the Mediaeval workshop and the symbolism of Romanesque art.

All year

In the workshop, located in the old tower that was the entrance to the monastery, the pupils will work in teams, emulating the old workshops of Mediaeval artists. They will experiment with the pictorial properties of different pigments and glues with which to do paintings in egg tempera. Lastly, working individually this time, they will reproduce one of the Romanesque paintings of Sant Pere de Rodes on a wooden board.

Educational level: Primary (10-12 years old)

Length: 2 h


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