Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex
Treasure hunt at Cap de Creus

All year


Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex

81 € / group

The action takes place in April 1409. A few days later, 3 May 1409, Holy Year will be celebrated at the monastery. This year the monks have obtained a precious relic, a tooth of St Valerian. The monks have already announced the presence of the relic to the four winds and thousands of pilgrims will make their way to the monastery to venerate it. But the relic has disappeared and the pupils will need all their ingenuity to find it.

All year

The pupils will have to go to different parts of the mountain and, while discovering the mark left by feudal life, work together to achieve the final goal.

This activity takes different forms. If exercises of logic and deduction predominate, there are also exercises in orientation and tactics of divergent thinking. Most of all cooperative team work is required, as without it it is not possible to solve the final enigma and therefore find the treasure.

Educational level: Secondary

Length: 2 h


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