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Sant Pere de Camprodon (Catalunya Sacra)

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The Romanesque bordering on France

The churches of the Vall de Camprodon Girona
The Catalunya Sacra, or Sacred Catalonia trail, will lead you to the churches in the extreme west of the bishopric of Girona which, until the 20th century, reached as far as the Vall de Camprodon.
The route starts with a visit to the church of Sant Cristòfol de Beget, a magnificent example of the Romanesque architecture of the Alta Garrotxa, with such characteristic features as the Lombard band, a decorative blind arcade. The church contains an outstanding polychrome Romanesque sculpture of Christ.
A 30-minute drive from Beget will take you to Santa Cecília de Molló, a magnificent and austere Romanesque church, and an outstanding example of the Pyrenean architecture of the 11th and 12th centuries. It has a solemn five-storey clock tower, built against the north wall, that has decorative elements characteristic of the Lombard architecture that had been adopted in the region.
Camprodon is approximately 15 minutes away from Molló by car, and there you will find the Monastery of Sant Pere de Camprodon, founded by Count Guifré II of Besalú in the mid-10th century. Although all that remains of it is the beautiful and austere church it was, from the 11th to 15th centuries, an important monastery.
The church of Santa Maria de Camprodon is nearby. The church contains the casket of Sant Pal·ladi, a Gothic work of craftsmanship in precious metals, dating from the early part of the 14th century and used as a reliquary. It held the remains of the saint, the patron saint of Camprodon, and would have earlier been kept, and venerated, at the monastery.
The Sacred Catalonia trail is intended for groups and takes 6 hours. For more information please ring 693 720 202 or send an email to:
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