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Catalan heritage needs the support of organisations, businesses and individuals who want to be involved in it. With their help, we will be able to increase our research, conservation and restoration efforts and exhibit our heritage so that all of society can appreciate it.

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Find out about one of the initiatives that have already been set up.


Recovering the medieval essence through the Open Romanesque Programme

On 8th January 2009, the Generalitat of Catalonia and the "la Caixa" Social Fund signed a collaboration agreement for the development of the Open Romanesque Programme. Over the last five years, 77 Roman monuments and elements of Catalan heritage have been restored and steps have also been taken to publicise and enhance them such as the Romanesque times travelling show and the creation of a website.
The "la Caixa" Social Fund has invested 18.2 million euros in the Open Romanesque Programme.

The Cooperative Wineries Programme and reclaiming our agricultural past

The Generalitat of Catalonia and the "la Caixa" Social Fund signed a second agreement on 15th January 2009 to put forward the Cooperative Wineries Programme. This involved restoring and improving 8 modern/ nineteenth-century wine cellars with architectural and artistic interest. The renovation was also accompanied by an exhibition and a digital presence to publicise the importance of cooperativism.

The investment made by the "la Caixa" Social Fund in the Cooperative Wineries Programme has amounted to 3.6 million euros.