Molí d’Espígol Iberian City
22nd Iberian Weekend in Molí d’Espígol

1, 2 October 2022


Molí d’Espígol Iberian City

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22nd Iberian Weekend in Molí d’Espígol, Tornabous

1, 2 October 2022

As every year, the first weekend of October presents a great opportunity to learn what the people of our land were like 2,200 years ago. The Iberian Weekend is the most important annual event of the Iberian Route and attracts more visitors to the Iberian sites throughout Catalonia.

A festival that brings back to life the vestiges of more than 2,200 years ago , offering a wide range of activities around Iberian culture: guided tours, theatrical tours, workshops, historical reconstructions, food and drink tastings... a variety of options for all tastes and audiences!

Each year a theme is chosen on which this great party will focus. This 22nd Iberian Weekend will be dedicated to the enigma of the Iberian language.  We invite you to learn everything that has been discovered so far about this fascinating aspect of Iberian culture, writing, developed from the 5th century BC, which remains a great unsolved mystery: we can read it, but not we know what his words mean!


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