Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex
Guided tour with sign language in Sant Pere de Rodes

Saturday, October 8th


Sant Pere de Rodes Monument Complex

Free activity.
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Time: 12 p.m. in catalan

Saturday, October 8th

As part of the European Heritage Days, we offer you a guided tour with a Catalan Sign Language Interpretation Service (LSC) at the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes. Visit the most emblematic spaces of the monastery discovering the history and architecture of this jewel of Catalan Romanesque.

At the head of the Verdera Sierra rises one of the most interesting complexes for discovering the Mediaeval world. Here we find three elements that represent the pillars of feudal society: those who pray, in Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery; those who produce, in the village of Santa Creu; and those who fight, in Verdera Castle.

The centre of the complex is the Monastery of Sant Pere, which became the most important one in the country of Empúries both for the leading role of its abbots and because it was a major centre o pilgrimage thanks to the relics in its custody.



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