Miravet Castle
Looking at Miravet

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Miravet Castle

Miravet is a place whose colours, light and contrasts drew many artists over the 20th century. Between 1929 and 1930, Joaquim Mir spent a busy time there: using films and paintings he made a record of his everyday life and an overview of the town at the time.

All year

These works have made up a very particular vision of Miravet, a vision which is quite different from the one we have now, the one pupils can see today. They will experiment in order to find their own way of looking at the town by comparing those two worlds.

From the Impressionist painter Joaquim Mir’s particular way of looking at Miravet the pupils will develop their own view of the landscape around the town and the castle. They will be using their cell phone and tablet cameras to capture that landscape and will discover that their way of looking is as full of meanings as was Mir’s.

Educational level: Secondary and baccalaureate

Length: 3 h


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