Miravet Castle
Exploring Miravet Castle

All year


Miravet Castle

The pupils will become a team of explorers for a day. Equipped with measuring tape, binoculars, magnifying glasses, compasses and other tools they will walk around Miravet Castle using mathematics, observation and their ingenuity to understand its importance and the reason for its location. They will learn to orient themselves with the aid of a compass, they will measure the stones to see how the castle was built and many other things.

All year

Among the aims of this activity are to relate the data obtained from it to the construction and occupation of Miravet Castle and to the Order of the Temple and its many features, to explore its surroundings, to identify its main elements, to understand the importance of the location and to encourage respect for and appreciation of the cultural heritage.

Educational level: Primary

Length: 2 h


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