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The modernista factory Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover is one of the finest examples of industrial modernista architecture in Catalonia. Designed in 1906 by architect Lluís Muncunill, it is currently the headquarters of the Museu Nacional de la Ciència i la Tècnica de Catalunya (National Museum of Science and Industry of Catalonia, known as the mNACTEC).

With its characteristic roof of skylights and Catalan vaults supported by cast iron pillars, and a 42-metre high chimney, the entire process of transforming the wool was carried out in the building, from receiving the bails to its departure as finished textiles. The name the factory is popularly known by, the Vapor (steam), comes from its use of steam as a power source up until 1914.

And it is precisely this industrial past that informs the current Museum. The aim of mNACTEC is to preserve and disseminate Catalan industrial heritage. An introductory exhibition is dedicated to Muncunill, but the bulk of the new permanent exhibitions covers topics such as the scientific and technological evolution of humanity, the textile industry, the production of energy and transport, among others.

The mNACTEC also manages a Regional Network which brings together 26 museums and specialised collections on industrial heritage, science and technology. Each of them offers a unique theme and explains the industrialisation in one part of the Catalan territory, taking into account both the technical as well as the social and cultural aspects.

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- In addition to the permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions, the Museum offers experiences in order to understand, at first hand, the technological, scientific and industrial processes.
- mNACTEC’s Regional Network offers activities such as workshops and dramatised visits to the 26 museums for both schools and families.

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