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On the banks of the river Gaià, we find the monastery of Santes Creus, which was the centre of one of the most extensive and influential monastic domains in the Kingdom of Aragon. With an architecture that is solid, serious and austere, the abbey reflects the canonical model of Cistercian monasteries (along with Vallbona de les Monges and Poblet). To visit Santes Creus is to relive a time when purity and distance from the world of was made specific in a place well-grounded on the earth.

Founded in 1160, the highpoint for Santes Creus was between the 13th and 14th centuries, due to its close relationship with the nobility and the royal family. The kings, Pere el Gran and Jaume II el Just and his wife, Blanca of Anjou, were patrons of the monastery and chose to be buried here, in two Gothic mausoleums at the side of the high altar. The study and restoration of the Royal Tombs, in 2010, allowed the remains of Pere el Gran and Blanca of Anjou to be uncovered, the only remains of the Kings and Queens of the Crown of Aragon, to have survived intact.

The ground plan of the monastery organised the spaces according to the needs of the community. The church, which opened for worship in 1225, is an example of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic. Despite providing a sensation of lightness and grandeur, it is a solid and austere temple. It contrasts with the splendour of the cloister, dating from the 14th century, the first of the Gothic style of the Crown of Aragon.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to take the tour of the monastery and explore the spaces from the architectural, artistic and functional points of view. Immerse yourself in your surroundings, taking the medieval legends of Santes Creus as your guide. Guided and group tours.

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From Tuesday to Sunday, including public holidays.

From 1st October to 31st May: from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

EASTER TIMETABLE - Friday, Saturday and Sunday: from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday: from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

From 1st June to 30th September: from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Closed on Mondays, except public holidays, on 25th and 26th December and 1st and 6th January.


Normal admission: €6

Reduced admission: €4

People aged 65 or more, pensioners, the holders of the Youth Card, students with International Student Card, those possessing the large family or parent, no tourist groups of 10 or more people by appointment. If this is a group where some members are entitled to free entry can continue to enjoy this reduction

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Persons under 16 years, the unemployed, the members of ICOM (International Council of Museums) and ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments), duly accredited, the members of the Association of Museum of Catalonia duly accredited, those professional tour guides, duly accredited, people of formal education teachers accredited by the management of the school in carrying out their work, the press duly accredited professionals, in the exercise of their work, have communicated in writing their visit, people with disability certificate. The accompanying rate will also free if the accreditation card identifies the person accompanying need


Reial Monestir de Santes Creus
Plaça Jaume el Just, s/n
43815 Aiguamúrcia (Tarragona)
Tel. (+34) 977638329

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Opening of the sarcophagus of Peter the Great

Some 850 years after the foundation of the monastery of Santes Creus, the restoration of the Santes Creus royal Pantheon began