A stroll through three backdrops of the War of the Spanish Succession | Cultural Heritage. Goverment of Catalonia.


Image of the Seu Vella, Lleida / Photo: DG Patrimoni Cultural. Credits: Josep Giribert

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A stroll through three backdrops of the War of the Spanish Succession

Have you seen the Manresana Tower, the University of Cervera or the Hill of the Seu Vella?
The monumental complex of the Seu Vella, the University of Cervera and the Manresana Tower are three enclaves that stand out for their shared past: all three were the sites of the War of the Spanish Succession. This is an adventure that you can embark on at the weekend, as only 80 kilometres separate these three historical symbols from one another.
You might wish to start your route with a visit to  Manresana Tower, the only surviving evidence of the former castle, Castell de la Manresana, which formed part of the defence system of the medieval County of Manresa. Built in the 11th and 12th centuries and standing at a height of 21 metres, this tower was used as a watchtower by the Austrian army during the Battle of Prats de Rei in 1711.

Some 30 kilometres separate Prats from Rei from Cervera, where you can visit the University of Cervera. With a striking austerity, this is one of Catalonia’s most beautiful baroque constructions. A symbol of the implementation of the new Bourbon order, this institution of higher education was founded in 1717 by King Phillip V and later became the intellectual heart of Catalonia. Through the years, this university has taken in countless famous students including Narcís Monturiol, Joan Prim and Jaume Balmes.
The route ends in Lleida, which boasts one of the most striking scenes of all: the monumental complex of the Seu Vella Hill, which is made up of the old cathedral known as the “Seu Vella” (the most eye-catching edifice on the hill), the Castell del Rei (King’s Castle) and Suda, the military fortification, as well as different archaeological remains. It was as of the Bourbon victory in the War of the Spanish Succession that this entire hill became a military complex.
If you’d like to try the typical food of these regions, you absolutely must taste the coca de recapte d’escalivada (roasted vegetable flatbread) in Lleida, the perdiu amb farcellets de col (partridge with stuffed cabbage leaves) in Prats de Rei and the bunyols de cigrons (chickpea fritters) in Cervera. Bon appétit!
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