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Casa-Museu Rafael Casanova The home of the Chief Minister

This house in the centre of Moià is a 17th-century manorial building with a remarkable architectural and artistic value. But if there is one thing that makes it special, it is that in around 1660 Rafael Casanova, was born here, hero of the defence of Barcelona on 11th September 1714.

Casanova was the son of a well-to-do family of Moià who made their money from trading in grain and wool. Their wealth can be seen in the features of the home, especially in the richly decorated interior. Made up of ground floor, first floor and attic, with a rear garden and basement, highlights include the main façade with sgraffito (decorated plasterwork).

Currently, the house is home to an exhibition which shows the keys to conflict of 1714: from the outbreak of an international war to determine the successor to the Spanish Crown after the death of the heirless Carles II, until the fall of the city of Barcelona at the hands of the Bourbon troops, Rafael Casanova was responsible for the defence of the city as a Mayor and Commander-in-Chief of La Coronela, the armed forces of Barcelona.

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Visit the birthplace of one of the most important characters in the history of Catalonia, which now houses a museum that explains all the keys events of the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1715).

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Casa Museu Rafael Casanova
Carrer Rafael Casanova, 8
08180 Moià (Bages)
Tel. (+34) 938209134 / (+34) 938300143

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