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Casa Navàs The best preserved interior of Catalan Modernisme
The chance to stroll through the original magnificent interior of a modernista mansion all comes down to the buildings. One of the best preserved is Casa Navàs in Reus.
On the corner, flanking Plaça del Mercadal, is the boutique house of the Navàs-Blasco family, one of the most luxurious works designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The facade of the building remains majestic despite having been damaged during the bombings of the Civil War. The real treasure, however, is to be found in the interior rooms that will amaze lovers of Modernisme. Craftsmanship of the highest level can be found in every corner of the house: coloured stained glass windows, wall paintings, ceramics with floral motifs, silk tapestries and furniture produced by the most renowned cabinetmakers of the time.
The sumptuousness of the space already gives an idea of the economic wealth of its owners, major textile merchants, as well as the importance of Reus as the second Catalan capital.

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