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Espai Guinovart Symbolic landscapes of Agramunt
The painter Josep Guinovart i Bertran, the greatest representative of informalism, spent much of the Civil war in Agramunt, the home town of his mother. He was then about 9 or 10 years old. To escape the bombardments, he lived with his family in a hut in a field. Despite the fact that he returned to Barcelona in 1941, this experience brought him closer to nature and to the rural environment that influenced his work and connected him forever to the municipality. So much so that in 1990 the artist wanted to create a centre for the creation and promotion of contemporary art in Agramunt: the Espai Guinovart.

It was inaugurated in 1994 and is housed in an old market building from the 1930s. The side porches, where the stalls were located, have been preserved. They have now been converted into galleries to display the Foundation’s Collection on a rotating basis. The large central space, formerly occupied by open stalls, now houses the Mural de les quatre estacions (Mural of the Four Seasons) and two installations: La cabana (The Hut) and L’era (The Threshing Floor).

These three works were conceived especially for the Espai Guinovart. They are centred around Agramunt, the territory, its landscape and its people. From the imagination centred on the locality, a universal vision is created that deals with themes such as the cycle of life or the habitat in relation to nature.

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Theatre, workshops, conferences... The Espai Guinovart acts of centre for art and creation. Thus, in addition to visiting the collection, take the opportunity to participate in the activities on offer.
Espai Guinovart
Pl. del Mercat, s/n
25310 Agramunt (Lleida) Veure localització