Museu del Suro | Cultural Heritage. Goverment of Catalonia.
Museu del Suro More than two centuries of making corks
The Museu del Suro (Cork Museum), situated in Palafrugell, interprets and promotes the heritage that surrounds the world of cork in Catalonia, both before and after the industrial revolution.

Beyond its importance from an industrial point of view (the manufacture of cork and corks was consolidated during the 19th century and had a major impact on the Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà regions), the museum highlights aspects such as the shaping of a landscape, a way of life and an identity around this product. The centre explains the process of both artisanal and industrial cork production, from the ecological environment, the bark of the cork,  transportation, manufacture of bottle corks and their marketing.

The former Can Mario factory, symbol of the power of the Catalan cork sector, is currently the headquarters of the Museum. With ashlar walls with brick decoration, enamelled ceramics and wrought iron, this modernista style building is home to the permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, the workshops and an auditorium with the capacity for a hundred people.

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It is an ideal museum to take little ones to. It also has activities for schools.
Don't miss the Peeling of the Cork Festival in Llofriu (Palafrugell) each June and all the activities related to this traditional and little known activity.
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Monday to Saturday from 10h to 14h and 17h to 20,30h 
Sunday from 10am to 14pm
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Saturday from 10h to 14h and 17h to 20h 
Sundays and holidays from 10am to 14pm - closed Monday
25th and 26th December, 1st and 6th January closed 
on January 5, 24 and 31 December: from 10h to 14h 
May 1: adaptation to the general schedule of Flowers and violin
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Visit "Taps, and Wine Market; an explosion of color, flavor and tradition"
Further more Wine Tasting 
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Further more wine tasting 2 (B / W) 
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Placeta del Museu del Suro, s/n
17200 Palafrugell
Tel. 972 30 78 25 Veure localització
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