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Miravet Castle

Miravet Castle

Miravet castle is an imposing fortress surrounded by a 80-foot-high wall that seems to spring from the rocks atop a hill overlooking the line of the Ebro and the surrounding lands. The castle was given to the order of the Temple, which made it the headquarters of the Templar province of Catalonia and Aragon during the period of its greatest power and splendour. That period came to an end with the most dramatic episode in its history: a siege that lasted over a year and heralded the disappearance of the order of the Temple. Miravet is one of the finest examples of 12th-13th century Catalan military architecture.

It was the location for a reportage on the Templars for the Discovery Channel and for the TV-Movie Ebre, del bressol a la batalla.


Camí del Castell, s/n
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