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Santes Creus Royal Monastery

Santes Creus Royal Monastery

One of the largest and best conserved Cistercian monastic complexes we can visit today. Founded in 1168, protected by royalty and nobility, it became a centre for both spiritual study and colonisation of the territory, and one of the largest and most influential monastic domains of the Kingdom of Aragon. The church, with its sober but imposing architecture, houses the royal tombs of Pere the Great and Jaume II. Other outstanding features are the chapterhouse, the great dormitory, the splendour of the Gothic cloister or the seclusion of the rear cloister.

Among the films shot here are: the TVE series La Celestina (1982); Carles, príncep de Viana (2001) for TV3; Iannis Smaragdis’ El Greco (2007); Dominik Moll’s El Monje (2011); Alberto Sironi’s Virginia, la monja de Monza (2005); Julio Martí Zahonero’s La Hermandad (2011); Jean-François and Genevieve Gagnon’s The Lovaganza Convoy (2014); and most recently the advertisement for Game of War: "Fire Age” (2014).


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