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Christmas fairs and markets

The public holidays of 6 and 8 December
Many municipalities around Catalonia organise fairs and markets to coincide with the public holidays, held on 6 and 8 December, as part of the build-up to Christmas. Berga has a Toy and Christmas fair, Espinelves has a Christmas tree market and in Solsona there is the Tió, or Christmas gift-bearing log, Fair.

The Berga Toy and Christmas fair is, as its name would suggest, centred around toys and games. On 6 December the Passeig de la Indústria is filled with Christmas stalls and games are played in the street: rolling the hoop, skittles, Catalan baseball, and swingball are just a few of them. All in all, a very playful visit, and one that will help fill the Christmas stockings!

The village of Espinelves is located in the middle of Catalonia's largest forest and is well-known for its famous Christmas trees. The Christmas Tree Fair is held from 1 to 9 December and is a fine place to buy one. The most popular varieties in the area, Masjoanis and Picea Excelsa, are sold with their roots in soil and can be replanted. As well as Christmas trees you will also find stalls selling arts and crafts items, local food and drink specialities and there are also exhibitions and other activities.

The Fira del Tió is held on 8 December in the Plaça Major in Solsona and, from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. there are lots of Tió-related activities for families such as an exhibition of tiós, an exhibitions of cribs and nativity scenes, carol singing, games and classes where you can learn how to make Christmas sweets. At the end of the day the lights on the Christmas tree are turned on.

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