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The Iberian Route: The land of the Ausetani from the sky

Take incredible ride in a balloon and discover the land of the Ausetani
A getaway of two days and one night that includes an incredible experience: a ride in a balloon over the plain of Vic, during which you will also see the land of the Ausetani, an Iberian tribe.

Start your first day in Vic early in the morning to take a balloon trip that lasts just over an hour. You will climb to an altitude of a thousand metres, weather permitting, and you will be able to enjoy the incredible views over the plain of Vic from the sky. After this exciting experience you can charge your batteries again with lunch served at one of the traditional country restaurants in the area.

After this spectacular adventure what about an excursion to the Guilleries-Savassona Natural Area. Head to Folgueroles to start the excursion that will take you to the Casol de Puigcastellet Iberian settlement. The settlement is easily accessible and suitable for all the family, and the tour around it takes around two and a half hours. After your visit you can go to Santa Eugènia de Berga for dinner and to spend the night.

After breakfast in the hotel the following day you could visit the Iberian fortification of Montgròs, which is located in the Montseny Natural Park. The place to meet the guide is at the El Brull information point at 11 a.m. and then it is a ride in one of our cars to the settlement. You can have lunch in one of the many restaurants in the area offering local cuisine.

If you prefer you can spend the second day visiting the large Iberian settlement of Esquerda, just 15 minutes away from Santa Eugènia, in Roda de Ter. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to visit some of the temporary exhibitions at the Museu Arqueològic de l’Esquerda and to explore this large Iberian and medieval archaeological site, located on a bend of the river, as it passes through Roda.
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