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The Iberian Route: Spa resorts in the land of the ilergeti

A unique opportunity to combine cultural tourism with leisure
For a getaway weekend visit Verdú with its many local ceramic workshops and its impressive Iberian settlement, with reconstructions that faithfully reflect the way it would have looked in its day. And take advantage of your stay to get away from it all and relax in the spa resort of Vallfogona de Riucorb.

The route we would like to suggest starts in the town of Verdú, which has an impressive Iberian settlement with the added surprise of having accurate reconstructions of two homes and some ovens to give a really good idea of what life would have been like for its inhabitants, as well as showing how they made their pottery.

After lunch go into the town to pay a visit to the Roca Caus or Ceràmica Taller Obert ceramic workshops to see how the local pottery is made. You can try your hand at it yourself. And you could also visit the castle and the Romanesque church of Santa Maria.

After your visit, take the car to Vallfogona de Riucorb and enjoy the views along the way on the road Ciutadilla that takes you to the village. Here there is a spa resort where you can relax in the peace and quiet of its delightful location while enjoying its spa facilities. It's an ideal place to have dinner and spend the night.

After breakfast at the spa, you can continue to enjoy its facilities until it's time to go.

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