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Imatges del castell de Miravet (Fotos: Josep Giribert)

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Miravet, a castle overlooking the river Ebre

Visit the Templar castle and take a boat trip or a kayak on the river
Miravet Castle
The Templar castle of Miravet is an imposing fortress surrounded by a 25-meter-tall wall. It is located on the top of a hill and affords magnificent views over the river Ebre. Its strategic position has given it an important role in numerous conflicts over the course of history.
A boat trip on the river Ebre
In Miravet you can hire a boat and go sailing along the river Ebre. The people here have, since time immemorial, sailed on the river with vessels such as the llaüt (a kind of skiff) and other, flat-bottomed, boats. There are also river cruises, or you could hire a canoe or a kayak.
The Iberian settlement of Castellet de Banyoles
Castellet de Banyoles, in the municipality of Tivissa, just a 20 minutes from Miravet by car, is one of the most important Iberian settlements in Catalonia. It was here that the so-called Treasure of Tivissa was found, consisting in what are considered to be the finest examples of the Iberian gold- and silversmiths art in the whole of Catalonia.

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