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1. Santa Eulàlia d'Eril la Vall / 2. Sant Joan de Boí / 3. Sant Climent de Taüll / 4. Santa Maria de Taüll

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The Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí

A journey to the heart of Romanesque art
This Sacred Catalonia route leads to the Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí. They form an exceptional group of churches and, as a group, were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. They transport you straight to the essence of Romanesque Catalan art, the cradle of Catalonia's collective identity.
The church of Santa Eulàlia d’Erill la Vall has one of the best belfries in the Vall de Boí. It stands six-storeys high and, aligned with those of Sant Joan de Boí and Sant Climent de Taüll, it fulfilled a role as a lookout tower. Inside you can see a copy of the only complete sculptural ensemble from the Erill workshop: the Descent from the Cross.
The church that best conserves the architectural elements from the earliest building work carried out in the Vall de Boí in the 11th century is Sant Joan de Boí. The mural paintings, depicting scenes such as the stoning of Saint Stephen, a scene with minstrels and bestiary, are exceptional.
The most well-known representative image of Catalan Romanesque art is the Christ in Majesty at the church of Sant Climent de Taüll. The church has recently undergone an innovative refurbishment in which the original Romanesque mural art in the apse has been restored by means of video mapping.
Santa Maria de Taüll is in the centre of the village of Taüll. Reproductions of the Romanesque mural paintings in the central apse and on the south wall are on view inside. The central apse is presided by a depiction of the Epiphany, with the Adoration of the Magi and the child Jesus sitting on Mary's lap.

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