Romanesque weekend: from the Segrià to the Solsonès | Cultural Heritage. Goverment of Catalonia.


1. Seu Vella (Autor: Josep Giribet)
2. Seu Vella (Autor: Bob Masters)
3. Universitat de Cervera (Autor: Josep Giribet)
4. Sant Esteve d'Olius (Autor: Josep Giribet)

Route map

Romanesque weekend: from the Segrià to the Solsonès

A walk through the most emblematic spaces and corners of Terra Ferma (the Mainland Romanesque style)
Can you imagine Lleida populated by only several hundred people? So was the case in the 13th century, when Pere of Coma conceived the Seu Vella upon the hill that had been occupied until then by the Muslim mosque. This will be the starting point of your journey through the Mainland Romanesque style.

The ancient cathedral of Santa Maria, the most well-known in Seu Vella, is the main monument of the capital of Segrià. Its original structure is in the Romanesque style and possesses one of the largest Gothic style cloisters in Europe. You can't leave Lleida without seeing the collections of the Museu de Lleida Diocesà i Comarcal (Diocese and County Museum of Lleida), especially the Chess of Àger!


In the land of Urgell, we recommend you to stop in the ancient centre of Tàrrega, with notable Romanesque civil constructions, and in Agramunt to admire the formidable entrance way of the church of Sant Maria.

Following the route northward, the town of Àger is an obligatory stop. If you are an art lover you will enjoy visiting the Church College of Sant Pere, the ancient road and the sarcophagus of the Roman era, which is located in the church of Sant Vicenç. However, it is also a worthy destination for science enthusiasts: right next store is the Parc Astronòmic Montsec (Montsec Astronomic Park).


To the east you will find other points of interest. In Cervera, Romanesque elements cohabitate with a multitude of styles: the Neoclassic style of the University, the Baroque style of the City Council and the Gothic style of the church of Santa Maria. With regards to magic, do you dare cross the Alley of Witches?

The final destination of this route is a land inundated with the Romanesque style. In the county of the Solsonès, the geographic centre of Catalonia, populations like Llobera and Castellar de la  Ribera maintain Romanesque castles and the cylindrical tower of Vallferosa was also built.

However, the church of Sant Esteve d'Olius and the sculpture of the Mother of God of Solsona, guarded in the cathedral, are the county's stellar artistic works. 

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