Villas and castles around Altafulla | Cultural Heritage. Goverment of Catalonia.


1. Altafulla (Jorge Franganillo)
2. The Roman Villa of Els Munts (Jordi Play)
3. The Mèdol Quarry (Jordi Domènech)

Villas and castles around Altafulla

This excursion takes you to Altafulla and the surrounding area to see a magnificent Roman villa, two medieval centres or 'closed towns' and a thousand-year-old quarry.
This excursion to see Altafulla's historic heritage begins with the Els Munts Roman villa, one of the best conserved and most aristocratic villas in Roman Hispania. Located next to the sea, the inhabitants of this country residence would have enjoyed the peace and quiet of rural life and the beauty of the surrounding area, without forgoing luxury and refinement.
Caius and Faustina were its most illustrious inhabitants and they were the ones who made extensions to the villa and carried out refurbishments. They feature in the dramatized visit to the villa. At the villa you can also find out about other routes to follow, such as Life of the elites in Tarraco, From Els Munts to Tamarit: a trek through the natural environment from Roman times to the present day, and an activity for all the family, We're taking you to the garden!
The excursion continues to Altafulla to visit the walled medieval centre of the town or 'closed town', a beautiful centre declared of national cultural interest. Altafulla Tourist Office organises guided tours of this walled centre and, recently, the Town Council opened a twice-monthly free visit service to the castle for small groups of twenty. It is a unique opportunity to see inside a private fortification that is still inhabited! 
The next stop is the 'closed town' in Tamarit. It can not be visited, nevertheless, it is imposing to behold, especially from the beach with its postcard views. 

The excursion ends with a visit to the Mèdol quarry where most of the stone was quarried to build Roman Tarraco. Its most outstanding feature is the column that presides the quarry. It is sixteen metres high. This is also a place of ecological interest due to the microclimate it has caused.
*An excursion proposed in collaboration with the magazine Descobrir.