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Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Seu d'Urgell The first Romanesque cathedral

In the shadow of the Lleida Pyrenees, the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Seu d'Urgell is the only Romanesque cathedral that has survived until today and is the best example of the power of the Bishopric of Urgell. Its dimensions and the Italianised style of construction also provide a unique testimony to Romanesque Catalonia.

The current building of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Seu d'Urgell is the fourth to be built on the same site. It is a reconstruction commissioned by the Bishop Ot in 1090 and was finished at the end of the 12th century. Even so, for three centuries it was hidden beneath layers of plaster that had been applied during the Baroque period and it was Josep Puig i Cadafalch who, from 1918, began the restoration of its original appearance.

The result is a stone construction devoid of ornamentation. A polychrome carving of the Mare de Déu d’Urgell (Virgin Mary of Urgell), patron Saint of the city, breaks up the austerity of the interior and focuses the viewer’s gaze. It is a wooden figure from the 13th century and is hidden inside a small apsidal. Above, a 15th-century rose window illuminates the altar.

The majestic cloister has more than 50 capitals decorated with vegetative elements, men and common beasts.

Apart from the architecture, the Cathedral of Seu d’Urgell is noted for keeping one of the best copies of the famous Beatus of Liébana and a copy of the Beatus of Urgell, exhibited at the Diocesan Museum.

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