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The Colònia Sedó Museum The driving force of Spanish cotton

Right next to the Llobregat river, almost in touching distance of the town of Esparreguera, is one of the main witnesses to the industrial history of Catalonia: la Colònia Sedó. The large 1,400 CV turbine is one of the biggest attractions of the site, a cast iron machine which was the largest and most powerful in Spain and one of the most spectacular in Europe. Nowadays, water no longer drives it, but it has been converted into the Museum which houses the history of the colony.

In the former engine room you can see the model of the colony, where its story is told through a montage of light and sound, and a three-dimensional audiovisual is projected inside the turbine’s water pipe. The visit is rounded off with an explanation of the energy system that powered the industrial complex of Miquel Puig. The walk around the colony allows you to understand the social life and the production process of a 'small town' where the looms lived alongside the workers.

The Colònia Sedó industrial complex was founded in 1846, taking advantage of the waterfall of the old mill of Can Broquetes. Currently you can still see the halls dedicated to spinning the cotton, the canal and the lock of the waterfall, the roofs with their Catalan vault and the offices. Two of the defining features of the complex are the helical brick chimney of the old steam engine and the semicircular aqueduct that carried water from the river to the turbine.

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Visit the most important and significant elements of the Colònia Sedó, with the biggest turbine in Catalonia at the forefront.

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Museu de la Colònia Sedó
C. Contínues, s/n. Àrea Industrial Can Sedó
08292 Esparreguera (Barcelona)
Tel. (+34) 937368966

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One of the biggest and most important companies of Catalonia

he Sedó Colony is distinguished by its large size and by the use of a hydraulic system that optimised the use of water power.