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Documentary heritage of Catalonia The document as historical witness

To find out about the historical memory of the country, the conservation of the documentary heritage becomes key. In Catalonia, 330 archives are in charge of preserving and dissemination of this valuable personal, legal and institutional testimony.

Whether they are publicly owned (local, regional, provincial or national), belong to official bodies (universities, professional associations, etc.) or belong to private entities (associations, foundations, etc.), in all these archives you can find very diverse documentation: textual, audio-visual, cartographic and electronic.

The Catalonia Archives System (SAC) is the body that oversees standards and common procedures for the management and dissemination of the documentary heritage of Catalonia. These include, among others, the archives of the Catalan Government, the Crown of Aragon, the archives of municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, the provincial councils, the archives of the universities and of the parishes and the churches.