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Balldovina Tower Museum The Arrival of the Laietani Iberians
Three physical elements have marked the development of Santa Coloma de Gramenet: the mountain (Puig Castellar), the river (Besòs) and the city (Santa Coloma).

These three concepts make up the discourse of the Balldovina Tower Museum, a local multi-disciplinary museum inaugurated in 1987, which safeguards the cultural and natural heritage of this city near Barcelona. Starting with the building that it occupies, a defensive tower form the 11th century, which has had different uses throughout history: an agricultural building from the 14th century, a large manor in the 18th century and, finally, the summer residence of the family of the sculptor Josep Maria de Sagarra.

An important part of the permanent exhibit goes back to the origins of the city, linked to the Iberian site of Puig Castellar. You cannot miss the Treasure Room, displaying the most significant Iberian pieces found during excavations. Some are really valuable such as the zoomorphic wrought iron andiron and a sheet of lead with an inscription.

During the tour, you can find out how the Laietani who became established in this area lived: economy, technology, society, writing, beliefs... You can even see the reconstruction of an Iberian house.

The medieval and modern history collection include the collection of coins and ceramics coming from Molí d’en Ribé and Mas Fonollar. Different objects from different professions coming from old establishments in Santa Coloma serve to explain part of the contemporary history of the city.

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