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Montsoriu Castle A castle in constant transformation

600 metres away on a hill of Montseny, the Montsoriu Castle is a fusion between the Romanesque fortification of the exterior and the Gothic palace interior. A medieval fortress of great beauty that has withstood the passage of time and the onslaught of various battles.

The building extends from the 10th century to the 15th century. Over these 500 years, the architectural complex has been transformed to meet different uses. The fortress is divided into 3 concentric and tiered walled precincts: the Sobirà enclosure, the parade ground and Jussà enclosure.

The Sobirà enclosure (10th-12th century) is the highest and is noted for the Torre de l'Homenatge (the keep), which gives the Castle its appearance. We can also find the pre-Romanesque chapel of Sant Pere, in which Romanesque paintings are preserves and the Gothic Hall.

At a lower level there is the Pati d’armes (parade ground), the central area of the castle. Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, it was partially covered by an arcaded gallery. From the 14th century, the castle was transformed into a residential palace and several rooms were built such as the dining room and the kitchen.

Finally, the Jussà enclosure is a uniform space with 4 rectangular towers designed to protect the small access door to the Castle.

Currently, at the top of the hill, a large part of the Romanesque defensive wall remains standing, its towers and the Gothic interior that was the luxurious residence of the Viscounts of Cabrera.

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Montsoriu Castle offers visitors the opportunity of going more than five hundred years back in time and reliving the history and way of life of feudal Catalonia.


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