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Museum of Printing Years of tradition in dyeing and colouring
Textile screen printing is known as the Lyonnaise printing technique and gives its name to the "Lyon Barcelona S.A." factory, the most important of its kind within Spain dedicated to printing and located in Premià de Mar. Since 1983, this municipality in the Maresme region, a pioneer in this textile activity, has hosted the Museu de l’Estampació (Museum of Printing), part of the Regional System of the mNACTEC (Catalan Museum of Science and Technology).

The purpose of the museum is to explain the different periods of textile printing in Catalonia, beginning with the 18th century and indianes or chintz. The production process of these patterned cotton fabrics, printed on just one side, was the gateway to the industrialisation of textiles in Catalonia in the 19th century.

And thus, naturally, the headquarters of the museum (since 2002) has become a symbol of industrial activity in the Maresme region. It is based in the old gas factory of Premià de Mar, built in the modernista and neoclassical style. It is the only remaining coal gas factory still standing in Catalonia. Inside, you can see the permanent exhibition showing the evolution of printing techniques up until the present day. Also on show are some period fabrics and clothing.

At the same time, the Museum of Printing preserves, studies and publicises the archaeological heritage of the town, as well as local history and ethnography.

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Don't miss out on the family and schools workshops. Children will be able to try out the indiana technique for themselves and even print a t-shirt using the ‘Lyonnaise’ process
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