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Rock paintings of El Cocó de la Gralla
An exceptional collection of archers
The rock paintings of El Cocó de la Gralla, which are over 8,000 years old, were discovered in 2004 by a local, but the authorities were not informed of their existence until ten years later.
These paintings are found in the nature park of Els Ports, in the ravine of Montpou in the municipality of Mas de Barberans (Montsià). An extraordinary find, they show a type of figure not documented in Catalonia until 2018.

This set of paintings shows 69 figures in the Eastern Iberian or naturalist style, including 27 archers, 4 human figures and 3 goats. Some are depicted wearing ornaments such as feathers. Especially noteworthy are two rows of running archers, as well as a number of animals and footprints, which make up a possible hunting scene. These figures make this one of the most exceptional collections of rock art in Catalonia.

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We recommend participating in a guided tour, which allows visitors to enter the space and see the paintings from close up. Visits begin at the Museu de la Pauma and last approximately 2 ½ hours. Although easily accessible, the paintings are located in the middle of the nature park of Els Ports, and visitors are asked to wear comfortable footwear. Anyone visiting the site on their own is asked to exercise special caution during hunting season.
For guided tours, reservations must be made at least one week in advance.
Normal: €5
Retirees and children 6-12 years old: €3
Children under 5: free
Unscheduled visits (maximum 20 individuals): €8
Meeting Point: Centre de Desenvolupament Rural - Museu de la Pauma
Carrer Clavell, 52
43514 Mas de Barberans (Montsià)

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