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Montseny Natural Park
Montseny Ethnological Museum
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An autumn excursion to the Montseny Natural Park

The Montseny massif evokes a landscape full of legends and beliefs that have influenced towns such as Viladrau, Espinelves and Arbúcies. We encounter them along the way during this excursion through the natural and historical heritage that inspired them, an excursion full of the colours of autumn.
As the season advances, the Montseny, bathed in autumnal colours, invites you to explore spaces, soaked in water in the hanging mist. Nevertheless, the Montseny's pulse does not falter and its mythical inhabitants, like the witches and the water ladies, and its legendary characters, such as bandit Serrallonga, emerge at every step. The Espai Montseny, in Viladrau, is a good way of finding out about these legends through its interactive multimedia resources for all ages. As is a visit to La Sala, the country house of the most famous bandit, Joan Sala i Ferrer, Serrallonga. Legends apart, and with one's feet on the ground once again, Viladrau's landscape is outstanding for its chestnut trees, the chestnut festival this year being held on 28 and 29 October. A visit to the festival also provides a good opportunity to go into the town where you can see the church of Sant Martí, first documented as a parish within the domains of Taradell castle, and the Capella de la Pietat, dating from 1603.
The excursion to Montseny continues up to Espinelves. An easy walk along the Guilleries pathways leads there from Viladrau. Having reached this small village with its narrow streets and charming little squares, you can visit the Romanesque church of Sant Vicenç, notable for its altar frontal, which is an exact replica of the original kept in the Museu d’Art Medieval in Vic (MEV). A visit to the Masjoan botanical garden will return you to nature to enjoy the beauty of the monumental trees there. It is an idyllic location where you can get away from it all and admire the impressive trees, the tallest in Catalonia, planted between 1860 and 1953, some of which have been declared as part of our country's natural heritage.
The visit leads to Arbúcies. The municipality, surrounded by holm oaks, has treasures well worth discovering, such as Montsoriu castle, associated with the viscountcy of Cabrera since the 11th century, Montseny Ethnological Museum and La Gabella, a centre devoted to the exhibition and conservation of the cultural heritage of the Montseny massif, conducting research into it and raising awareness about it.

An excursion proposed in collaboration with the magazine Descobrir.