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Call jueu in Girona. Luís Borges Alves / Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

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The best film sets

Heritage sites on the big screen

Some of these include internationally-successful films and TV series. Why have we chosen these? Because they were filmed in iconic sites and monuments of our heritage. An offering devoted especially to cinema lovers who want to visit the settings for some of their favourite films. Shh, it's starting!


‘Game of Thrones’

The HBO series has made people fall for Girona. In the next series, it looks like we'll be seeing sites like the Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants and the Call Jueu. Have you been part of the casting?

‘Todo sobre mi madre’

The Oscar-winning film by Pedro Almodóvar shows Barcelona through the unique lens of the director from La Mancha. The Cemetery of Montjuïc was the site of one of the most moving scenes.

‘El perfum’

Who hasn't read the novel or seen the film? El perfum is one of the big stories of the last few years: even though it was set in Paris, Ferran street in Barcelona was one of the settings shot.

‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’

This 'cinematic' tour was all Woody Allen: from the Finca Güell to the Fundació Miró, Vicky Cristina Barcelona takes us on a tour of the city's most iconic monuments.

‘Campanades a Mitjanit’

Orson Welles needed a setting as big as him. That's why one of the settings he chose was the Castell de Cardona.

‘Manuale d’amore 2’

A football match with Barcelona's Arc de Triomf in the background. You can see the Barça strip included.


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