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Castell de Montsoriu. Vicenç Vilà / Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0

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Castles and forts overlooking the sea

Guardians of the frontier

There's more to the Costa Brava than just sun and sand. Go a bit further inland and we find a whole host of castles and forts, a testament to the medieval past and all are located in strategic areas. Their job: to defend a region as beautiful as it is dangerous. This close to the border, incursions and fights were commonplace.

This is our section on the coastal castles and forts you can't miss out on:



Wander through the Ciutadella, an authentic, open-air museum constructed by Charles I to protect against pirates and Turkish invasions.


If you walk around the Castell de Sant Ferran you'll be surprised by the pentagonal floor-plan of one of the largest forts in Europe.


The mysterious Castell de Montsoriu hides the secret of Guilleuma the witch. Rumour has it that for centuries she has haunted the fort, scaring off all who dare approach. This is not a visit for the faint-hearted!


Owned by the Mateu family, the spectacular Castell de Peralada isn't completely open for visiting, but it is home to the 'Casino' and its gardens are open throughout July and August for the Festival de Peralada. A good opportunity to listen to good music and taste the county's wines.


This town, which was built around its castle, re-lives the Middle Ages one weekend a year. You’re invited to the mercat medieval from 3rd till 4th October: products from the county and period trades at the castle square.


Nature and history combined in one place: we suggest you visit the castell de Requesens, surrounded by Mediterranean scenery and the smells of the Albera mountain range.


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