The medieval villages of L'Empordanet | Cultural Heritage. Goverment of Catalonia.


1. Iberian settlement of Ullastret (Departament de Cultura)
2. Monells (Flamenc)
3. Castle of Gala Dalí (Kippleboy)

The medieval villages of L'Empordanet

This month we propose to combine two excursions in one route: the medieval centres of Baix Empordà and, along the way, such marvels as the Iberian settlement of Ullastret and the Gala Dalí castle in Púbol.
Peratallada, Ullastret, Monells and Púbol are some of the medieval villages in the Baix Empordà district. They can be visited in a pleasing itinerary that includes a Surrealist museum, an Iberian settlement and a castle crowning a massif.
It's best to visit Peratallada, Ullastret and Monells in this order. Peratallada is built on solid rock on which, in the middle ages was built a very large fortification with its moat carved out of the rock. 'Pedra tallada' means 'cut rock, or 'carved stone,' and this gives the place its name. The town today has a handsome arcaded square. The one in Monells is particularly spectacular having an irregular floor plan with arcades on three of the four sides. A large market was held here until the end of the 17th century. A most beautiful place.

Ullastret is also surprising. It had been a closed, or walled, town and its narrow streets retain a medieval air, but the main attraction in Ullastret is the Iberian settlement there, the largest in the whole principality. The entrance fee includes the sound guide which has a version for adults and another one for children in which the director of the site talks about who lived here during the time of the Ibers and how archaeologists have been able to find out about them. The visit ends at the small dedicated museum, which has a virtual realty immersive room where you can travel back in time and walk through the streets of the Iberian town as if the houses were still standing.
And now to Púbol where there is a very special museum. Púbol castle was purchased by Salvador Dalí, who restored it in his own way—which is to say with a lot of Surrealist imagination—and then he gave it to his wife Gala. You shouldn't miss the chance to visit it.

From Púbol you can go to Torroella de Montgrí. Why? To go up to the castle. From there, with the Empordà at your feet you can feel for a moment like one of the former lords, counts or barons who once ruled these lands.

*An excursion proposed in collaboration with the magazine Descobrir.