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The Arab Baths of Girona A medieval jewel of Saracen inspiration

At the foot of the Cathedral of Girona, a small dome peeks above a stone building. It is the lantern of the city’s Arab baths which identifies the silhouette of this little jewel.

The building is captivating for the simplicity of its forms and, once inside, to the beauty of the play between light and darkness. The building is in the Romanesque style but follows the model of Roman baths, the Arab baths and the Jewish mikvahs from a tradition that was restored during the 11th century, with the development of the urban areas and the need to improve hygiene.

The building is divided into several rooms that allow one to move from the areas with the coldest water to those with the hottest. Visitors enter through a small vestibule that leads up to the apodyterium (the 'undressing room’);it is without doubt the most emblematic space in the baths, with a central pool of 8 sides and 8 columns crowned with beautiful decorated capitals.

Until the 14th century, the building maintained its activity as public baths. In the 20th century, the Arab baths were restored to return them to their original appearance.

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Enter this unique building in the heart of Girona. You can explore the different rooms that correspond to different areas of water (frigidarium, tepidarium and caldarium) and wander around the apodyterium enjoying the delicate architecture and play of light from the lantern, which creates a unique atmosphere where time seems to stop.


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