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Cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona 5 centuries of history and art

Symbol of the city, the Cathedral of Girona is an imposing building, located on the highest point in the town and with a unique feature: its single nave is the second largest in the world (only surpassed by St. Peter's in the Vatican). But the temple hides many treasures beyond its dimensions. At the top of a spectacular staircase with 90 steps there is a compendium of 5 centuries of history.

Romanesque feet, Gothic body and Baroque face. This is the current appearance of the Cathedral of Girona. The Tower of Charlemagne, the cloister and sacristy are the only things left of the first Romanesque building from the mid-11th century. The cloister is one of the most important in Catalonia thanks to its sculptural wealth.

The church, of huge dimensions, was built between the 14th and 18th centuries and was dedicated to Santa Maria. The first stone of the facade of the Cathedral was placed in 1606, but it was not finished until well into the 20th century. The dilation in time means that the structure is between Baroque and Classical.

Attached to the Church we find the Cathedral Treasury with two notable pieces of great artistic value: the Tapestry of the Creation (one of the few examples of Romanesque textiles) and the Beatus de Girona (a 10th-century copy of the Commentary on the Apocalypse made by the Blessed of Liébana, with more than 100 full page miniatures).

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With the guided tours and audio-guides, you can find out about all the details of the Cathedral of Girona.
- Cultural tour on the Nave, the Treasury and the Cloister and the Church of Sant Feliu.
- Educational activities for primary and secondary students (we discover the Cathedral; The glassmaker of the Cathedral; Romanesque and Gothic art: painting, sculpture and architecture; Religious symbolism.


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