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The Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya (MAC) is organised around its 6 regional centres (Barcelona, CASC, Empúries, Girona, Olèrdola and Ullastret). Of them all, Barcelona is the centre that offers a more cross-cutting view because it explains the social, technological, economic, and religious developments from early man up to the middle ages in Catalonia and the Mediterranean.

Located in the former Pavelló d'Arts Gràfiques, (Graphic Arts Pavilion), built for the 1929 Universal Exposition of Barcelona, the MAC Barcelona renovated 11 rooms between 2010 and 2013. The permanent exhibition, consisting of more than one million original pieces, takes the visitor on a journey through pre-history, protohistory, the Greek and Phoenician colonisation and the establishment of the Roman Empire.

To accompany the visitor, there are learning resources, pictures, scenery and also audiovisual pieces such as the funeral rituals of prehistoric times compared with those of today.

One of the most emblematic pieces of the museum is the statue of the Roman God Aesculapius, now a reproduction because the original was moved to the Empúries centre in 2008. Other notable exhibits include the Paleolithic materials, the 53,200 year-old Neanderthal jaw from Sitges, the Iberian treasure of Tivissa, the Phoenician votive figures, Greek ceramics and the Roman statue found in the street Carrer Paradís, and considered to be the highest quality sculpture recovered from ancient Barcino, the Roman name for Barcelona.

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- At the weekends, there are organised activities for families and children.
- There is also an educational service with guided tours, workshops and resources for teachers.
- Discover the archaeological routes suggested by the MAC.

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People aged 65 or more, pensioners, the holders of the Youth Card, students with International Student Card, those possessing the large family or parent, no tourist groups of 10 or more people by appointment. If this is a group where some members are entitled to free entry can continue to enjoy this reduction

Persons under 16 years, the unemployed, the members of ICOM (International Council of Museums) and ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments), duly accredited, the members of the Association of Museum of Catalonia duly accredited, those professional tour guides, duly accredited, people of formal education teachers accredited by the management of the school in carrying out their work, the press duly accredited professionals, in the exercise of their work, have communicated in writing their visit, people with disability certificate, the host families duly accredited, groups of students (students in the educational system of the general system, from kindergarten to high school, vocational training and through special education teacher) who have reservation and on the first Sunday of the month.


MAC Barcelona
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