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Coll de Nargó The last refuge of the dinosaurs

The Pyrenees was the last area inhabited by dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. This explains why the Cretaceous site of Coll de Nargó is regarded by the scientific community as one of the most important in the world. Providing an excellent source of information on the time when the last great dinosaurs became extinct and a new era dominated by mammals began.

The site consists of an area open to the public which is called the "Mirador del Creataci", (Cretaceous Observation Centre), from where you can see dinosaur footprints, fossilised plant and animal remains, and dinosaurs nests and eggs. To spread the importance of the site, the Dinosfera, museum was established, providing interactive interpretation based on new technologies.

The permanent exhibition focuses particularly on explaining the assumed reproduction process of these giants of nature. And one of the most spectacular pieces found at Coll de Nargó and on display in the Museum, is the largest dinosaur nest in Europe. In fact, one of the main creatures responsible for the clutches of eggs that have been found in the area is the titanosaurus. For this reason, a reproduction of this sauropod can be found at the start of the exhibition.

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- Don't miss any details at this magnificent site from the "Mirador del Cretaci" viewpoint.
- Complement your visit with a tour of the "Centre Paleoambiental Dinosfera" where you will see the results obtained from the study of fossils of the last dinosaurs to live in Europe.


Centre Paleoambiental Dinosfera
C. de les Escoles, s/n
25793 Coll de Nargó (Lleida)
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