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The Colònia Vidal Museum Reliving the life in a textile colony

Walking through the Colònia Vidal Museum at Puig-reig allows to us know what life and work was like in a Catalan textile colony of the early 20th century. Spaces such as the school, the factory or the homes give testimony to the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia.

Situated right next to the Llobregat river in order to use its water as a source of energy, the Colònia Vidal formed part of one of the main concentrations of textile colonies in Europe. Notable within the architectural complex are buildings such as the owner’s tower, the manager’s tower, the factory, the Church, the Casino Theatre and the house of the women/school.

The Museum opened in 1995, and is part of the Regional Network of the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya. A route is suggested for visitors that will show them the facilities of the workers' colony such as the homes, the school, the library, the fishmonger, the washroom or the showers. The visit also includes a permanent exhibition which tells the story of the daily life of men and women who worked at the factory.

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- Guided visits offer a tour of the interior of the Colònia Vidal.
- The educational service includes teaching materials, three types of visits: guided, theatrical and playful.

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Museu de la Colònia Vidal
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