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Fumanya Ichnites Dinosaurs in Berguedà…

Around 65 million years old, more than 38,000 m2 in size and with 3,500 dinosaur footprints. These facts make this spot in Fígols-Vallcebre Fumanya one of the most important in Europe with Cretaceous fossil remains.

Located in Alt Berguedà, the paleontological area includes the old open mining coal operations in Fumanya Sud (Fígols) Fumanya Nord, Tumi (Vallcebre) and Coll de Pradell (Vallcebre-Saldes). In addition to the footprints (ichnites), paleontologists have identified fossil remains of dinosaur eggs and bones, a large number of plant remains (tree trunks, leaves of different kinds, algae ...) and animals (fossilised shells of mollusks and invertebrates).

The discovery of Fumanya area dates back to 1985 when Louis Viladrich and his wife, members of the group Berguedà Natural Sciences, were hiking in the area and suspected that the tracks they saw in the light in Fumanya Sud could be animal footprints. The subsequent investigations of Miquel Crusafont Sabadell Paleontological Institute confirmed their initial theory.

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