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Joan Maragall House-Museum and Archive The legacy of the poet of the living word
Joan Maragall was one of the leading figures of modernista poetry, though he also wrote prose. He produced more than 450 texts, including articles, essays, speeches, biographical sketches and prologues. The whole of his documentary legacy is in the Joan Maragall Archive, a documentation centre located in his final residence, in the district of Sant Gervasi in Barcelona.  Currently this building also serves as a House-Museum, allowing one to see the most intimate sides of one of the great names of the Catalan Renaixença.

The Joan Maragall Archive brings together a significant documentary collection about the figure and work of the poet and about Modernisme as a whole. It was founded in 1911, after the death of Maragall, at the behest of his widow. In 1993, the centre was given over to the Biblioteca de Catalunya (National Library of Catalonia).

Students of the work of Maragall will find a complete collection of manuscript works, among which there is extensive correspondence. The archive also maintains the personal library of the poet with a thousand volumes and has all of the editions of his works. In addition to the documentary collection itself, there is the library of criticism of the work of the writer, original scores of his poems, the iconographic collection and some 10,000 press clippings.

Although the building underwent modifications after its refurbishment in 1957, various objects of the poet and his family are preserved here. Visitors can tour the entrance hall, the great hall, the dining room, the study and two bedrooms, in which you will find the original furnishings, as well as photographs and works of art by modernista artists such as Rusiñol and Casas.

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The archive organises guided tours and educational sessions, as well as activities related to Joan Maragall and poetry.
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