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Moleta del Remei Home to the rulers of the Ilercavones
This Iberian village at the mouth of the river Ebro, located on a hill in the Serra del Montsià, had some very distinguished inhabitants: the elite of the Ilercavones tribe who, from here, controlled the surplus from other settlements in the area and the trade in luxury products with other villages of the Mediterranean.

Moleta del Remei is considered to have been a large village from the first iron age and then became a long-lasting and important Iberian settlement. In fact, it is the only continuously occupied village in the south of Ilercavonia (from the 7th century BC to the 2nd century BC).

The archaeological site has a fortified enclosure with monumental defensive systems, and walls with towers and bastions that had no military purpose. Rather, these were elements of prestige that indicated the status of the inhabitants of the village. Inside, ring roads have been identified and almost all the houses have been built against the wall. Three buildings have been found which might have had a worship function, where child burials have been found.

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After visiting the Iberian village, come along to the Interpretation Centre (in Casa O'Connor in Alcanar) which displays the materials found on the site.
The archaeological site forms part of the Iberian Route.
Moleta del Remei
Ctra. Alcanar-Ulldecona (TP-3318), km 2
43533 Alcanar (Tarragona)
Tel. (+34) 977737639 - (+34) 977702954 Veure localització
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