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Museum of Exiles Preserving the memory

The Exile Memorial Museum (MUME) is the first museum facility dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of Republican exiles caused by the Spanish Civil War.

Located at la Jonquera, the border crossing where most of the exiles escaped, the MUME is defined as a space for memory, history and critical reflection. A project that is not only limited to the task of exhibition but which promotes historical research and educational outreach.

Its permanent exhibition presents the phenomenon of exile throughout history, placing the emphasis on the Civil War and the subsequent republican defeat and withdrawal. The dispersion of refugees through the Pyrenees on the path to France and the fate of several thousand refugees who crossed the border is one of the points of interest of the exhibition. The experiences of the exiles and their cultural legacy from testimonies and documentary heritage complete the exhibition.

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A wide range of temporary exhibitions, guided tours and educational activities for schools, in addition to lecture series, tours and workshops make up the range of activities at MUME.


Museu Memorial de l'Exili
c. Major, 43-47
17700 La Jonquera (Girona)
Tel. (+34) 972556533

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