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Picasso Museum A journey through the painter’s youth

Pablo Picasso and Barcelona had a special connection. He lived there during his childhood and youth. For this reason, he chose this city to open, in 1963, the first Picasso museum in the world and the only one created during the artist's life. Its main legacy is the most comprehensive collection of works executed by the artist during his youth, comprising more than 4,000 items. That is why the Picasso Museum of Barcelona has become a reference centre for discovering the early stages in Picasso’s artistic career.

Most of the pieces that can be seen in the museum date back to the period between 1890 to 1917. The tour includes paintings from the artist’s childhood and school years (Man with Beret), from his (Science and charity), his time spent in Paris (), from the (The fool) and from the rose period (Harlequin).

Particularly outstanding among the paintings executed after 1917, is the Las Meninas, series from 1957, a group of 58 paintings analysing the masterpiece by Velázquez. Here you will also find the collection of etchings, lithographs and ceramics.

The entire exhibition of avant-garde art is housed in the interior of five major palaces in the street Carrer Montcada, that date back to the 13th-14th centuries and are an excellent example of Catalan Gothic civil architecture.

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-The Picasso Museum is the ideal place to visit alone, accompanied or in a group or with the family. Periodically, activities are organised for different sections of the public.
- Schools can sign up to do the museum workshops to gain in-depth knowledge of the painter's work.

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Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona
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