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The Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona A landmark of the Catalan Romanesque
One of the most important collections of Catalan Romanesque art in Catalonia can be seen in the Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona (The Diocesan and Regional Museum of Solsona), located in the Episcopal Palace. As well as making a stop in the medieval period, visitors can take a trip back through time: from the prehistoric era to the modern age.

Most notable in the extensive Romanesque room are the architectural elements that come from the cloisters of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Solsona: several capitals and an historiated column from the workshop of Master Gilabert de Tolosa.

Also outstanding is the exhibition of Virgin and Child paintings from the 12th and 13th centuries and major examples of pre-Romanesque and Romanesque wall painting from the complexes of Sant Quirze de Pedret and Sant Vicenç de Rus , the paintings on wooden panels from the side of the main altar of the Church of Sant Andreu de Sagàs, the Gothic pabel with the scene of the Last Supper of Santa Constance of Linyà and the altarpiece of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà.

The Diocesan Museum of Solsona was created in 1896 by Bishop Ramon Riu i Cabanes. The aim was the same as for those of the other ecclesiastical museums, such as the Episcopal Museum of Vic, founded 5 years earlier: to preserve the heritage of the diocese and to contribute to the national reconstruction launched by the Catalan Renaixença. All this wealth was endangered with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil war in 1936. For this reason, part of the collection was moved to Geneva and returned to Solsona after the war. The current Museum is the result of renovations carried out in the 1980s.

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A good idea to discover the Romanesque with all the family. It also has an educational programme for schools.
From 16 March to 14 December: Wednesday to Saturday, from 11.00 to 18.30; Sunday and holidays, from 11.00 to 14.00; July and August, open also on Tuesdays.
From 15 December to 15 March: Friday and Saturday, from 11.00 to 17.00; Sunday and holidays, from 11.00 to 14.00.
Closing days: 25 and 26 December; 1 and 6 January.
Permanent exhibition:
General ticket: 4,00 €.
Concession ticket: 2,00 €.
Temporary exhibition: contact the museum.
Plaça Palau, 1
25280 Solsona  (Solsonès)
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