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Hospital of Cervelló
Cervelló's Hospital, also known as Olesa's Hospital and Bonesvalls' Hospital, is one of the best-preserved medieval hospitals in Catalonia. It is a transitional work from Romanesque to Gothic, built in the middle of the 13th century by the Cervelló family. It maintained its activity until the 19th century.

The Hospital building is integrated into a walled enclosure which houses a chapel, a defense tower, a courtyard and its annexed buildings. The main nave accomodated the sick and pilgrims traveling along the Camí Ral from Barcelona to Vilafranca. The first level rests on four pointed diaphragm arches, and the second culminates in a two-sided roof covered with Arabic tiles.

The late Romanesque style of the complex can be appreciated in the semi-circular form of the portals and the vaulting of the tower's bases. The Gothic style, also with Romanesque influence, can be observed in the bell tower and was characteristic of the buildings of the mendincant orders of the 13th century. The town of La Pobla de Cervelló, currently known as Barri de l'Hospital, was founded next to the Hospital's wall.