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VII Cultural Heritage Seminar

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VII Cultural Heritage Seminar
Communicating and Disseminating Heritage 

26 October 2023 | La Pedrera

Communicating and Disseminating Heritage 

The massive and rapid growth of online social media networks and information has forced museums and monuments to consider new ways and strategies of reaching audiences and communicating the knowledge generated by these types of institutions. It may seem that, thanks to these social media, heritage knowledge is reaching a much wider and more diverse audience than ever before, but is the provision of so much online information really attracting more visitors to museums and monuments and creating new audiences? Moreover, how can we avoid the empty superficiality and lack of rigour of information when faced with the immediacy and speed demanded by social media?

This unchecked digital revolution is also one of the factors that have contributed to the crisis of the model and resources of traditional media, which has also changed the relationship between heritage institutions and these media, in which cultural information has an ever-diminishing presence.

The VII Cultural Heritage Seminar will discuss the strategies that museum and heritage institutions should adopt to disseminate and communicate knowledge to a wide range of audiences in today’s complex and ever-changing scenario. To this end, we will bring together professionals from the marketing and communication departments of museums and monuments, as well as private communication agencies specialising in this field, social media influencers and disseminators, and cultural journalists.

Programme of the Seminar

9.00 h   |  REGISTRATION
9.30 h - 9.45 h  |  Institucional welcome

9.45h  - 10.15h  |  Communicating culture. Subversive strategies by Pati Núñez

  • Making culture more accessible for the general public has never been an easy task. Based on her multifaceted position as a journalist, curator, teacher, writer, festival founder and director of a communications agency, the journalist Pati Núñez (Barcelona, 1976) will explain to us the strategies (some of them award-winning) that she has developed over the last 15 years to attract attention and position culture and its agents in the media and society.
10.15h – 10.20h  |  Question time
10.20h – 11.05h  |  Closer to Johannes Vermeer. Nanet Beumer, Head of Digital, Marketing & Campaigns Rijksmuseum        
  • Ahead of the major Vermeer exhibition last spring, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam launched an online adventure narrated by Stephen Fry (English) and Joy Delima (Dutch). In this presentation, Nanet Beumer takes us on a deep dive into this Vermeer online exhibition. She will also share the Rijksmuseum’s digital strategy, challenges and opportunities

11.05h - 11.15h  |  Question time
11.15h - 11.45h  |  COFFEE BREAK in La Pedrera's Sala Gaudí
11.45h – 12.30h  |  The Prado Museum's digital strategies: social media. Javier Sainz dels Terreros, Digital Communication Management Technician at the Prado Museum

  • The Prado Museum uses its social media networks to make the museum more accessible for the public and to offer the necessary means so that everyone can enjoy such an outstanding collection. With this aim in mind, it has been posting live videos on Instagram since 2017 that feature commentary on a variety of works and showcasing the daily life of the institution.
    Aware that it is not always easy to visit a museum like the Prado, it is sometimes necessary for someone to accompany and help us to identify details that we would otherwise not be able to see. The museum’s Instagram videos, as well as its TikTok account, therefore provide a number of keys to better understand these works of art.
    Hundreds of people have participated in these videos, predominantly professionals from the museum, but also experts in subjects as varied as botany, law, medicine or fashion.

12.30h - 12.40h  |  Question time
12.40h – 13.25h  |  The keys to Cultural Communication. Cristina Salvador, founder of Both. People & Comms

  • What are the new strategies in cultural communication and the audience and consumer trends that are constantly changing? This session will examine the keys to a good campaign and how artistic creativity can be transferred to communication, including examples of real campaigns in the field of culture and heritage, both national and international. A session that emphasises creativity, authenticity and adaptability in new forms of communication, key factors in engaging audiences.
13.25h - 13.30h  | Question time
13.30h - 15.00h  |  LUNCH BREAK (free time)

15.00h – 15.45h  |  Panel discurssion influencers (chaired by Montse Frisach

15.45h – 16.00h  |  Question time
16.00h – 16.45h  |  Panel discussion with journalists (chaired by Montse Frisach)

16.45h – 17.00h  |  Question time
The journalist Candela Figueras will be in charge of chairing the seminar.

The speakers of this edition

Journalist & Communications Consultant
Head of Digital, Marketing and Campaigns at the Rijksmuseum
Digital Communication Management Technician at the Prado Museum
Founder of Both. People & Comms
Journalist and critic specialising in the visual arts